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How to Properly Store Cannabis?

Properly storing cannabis is essential to preserve its potency, flavor, and freshness while preventing mold and degradation. Here are some tips on how to store cannabis properly:

■ Use Airtight Containers: The most important aspect of storing cannabis is keeping it in an airtight container. Mason jars, glass containers with rubber seals, or specially designed cannabis storage containers are excellent options. These containers help maintain the proper humidity levels and prevent air from entering.

■ Keep it Dark: Cannabis is sensitive to light, especially UV rays, which can degrade cannabinoids and terpenes. Store your cannabis in a dark place, away from direct sunlight or artificial light sources.

■ Keep it Clean: Ensure that your storage container is clean and free of any contaminants, as foreign particles can affect the quality of your cannabis.

■ Control Humidity: Maintaining the right humidity level is crucial. Aim for a relative humidity (RH) of 59-63% for dried cannabis. Too much humidity can encourage mold growth, while too little can cause your cannabis to become too dry and lose potency. Use humidity control packs (e.g., Boveda or Integra Boost) to help regulate moisture levels.

■ Temperature Control: Store your cannabis in a cool, stable environment. The ideal temperature range is between 60-70°F (15-21°C). Avoid extreme temperature fluctuations, as they can cause moisture to condense inside the container.

■ Avoid Air Exposure: Minimize the amount of air inside the storage container. Air contains oxygen, which can cause oxidation and degradation of the cannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis. When using a container, choose one that closely matches the volume of cannabis you’re storing to minimize the amount of empty space.

■ Separate Strains: If you have multiple strains, store them in separate containers to prevent cross-contamination of flavors and aromas.

■ Use Desiccants (Optional): In very humid climates, you may consider using desiccant packs to help absorb excess moisture. However, be cautious not to overdry your cannabis.

■ Label and Date: Label your containers with the strain name and date of purchase or harvest to keep track of freshness.

■ Avoid Freezing: While it’s possible to freeze cannabis for long-term storage, it’s generally not recommended for home use. Freezing can make the trichomes brittle, leading to trichome breakage and the loss of potency.

■ Handle with Care: When opening your storage container, handle the cannabis gently to avoid damaging the delicate trichomes.

■ Keep Children and Pets Safe: Store your cannabis out of reach of children and pets, preferably in a locked or secure location.


Remember that proper cannabis storage can significantly impact the longevity and quality of your cannabis. When stored correctly, cannabis can remain fresh and potent for an extended period. If stored improperly, it can quickly lose its flavor, potency, and aroma.



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